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Comprehensive eBusiness Solutions

Website Redesigning Services

Website redesigning is a crucial stage which means giving an end to the old demeanor of conveying thoughts.

With our focus on how to redesign a previously existing / successful website we go on to remove all the potential pitfalls which the site previously fraught. There are very important points to reconsider before even beginning with the process of makeover of these websites which were doing nearly average yesterday and ought to do more than enough after the redesigning part. We take it up as a challenge. We know that our clients want to create something better, to get higher traffic generating frequency, and to improve ranking on SERP.

Processes Involved in Taking Apart The Older Version:

We offer Website Resigning Service that also means to dismantle things:

  • Destroying previous search engine rankings
  • De-index every page of your site from every search engine, albeit forcibly
  • Generation of numerous '404 page not found errors' for the time being
  • Breaking each link that is bookmarked link from your regular visitors
  • Destroying internal hyper-linking by using JavaScript or Macromedia Flash

Nobody wants this to happen however since the whole process is system-generated without any human thought once redesigning starts, all know that it is bound to happen. This is EXACTLY what happens! The older website constituents are to be removed to give way to the new. Changes cannot be discarded. While we change the design, we make wholesale changes to many elements, such as;

  • Web Page file names get changed
  • Image file names are renamed
  • Titles, Descriptions and Keyword meta-tags are redone
  • Headings and paragraph content are recreated

Rebranding Your Business

Another crucial factor affecting the website redesign arena is rebranding your corporate identity. As a site owner, you engage our Experts to rebrand your business entity, with marketing playing an equally challenging multifarious role. Things take a sharp 'U turn' from here onwards. Sometimes changes might lead to getting a new Domain Name. There are several risk factors, however, we ensure you that you would bounce back on time. Restoring Domain names would take six to eight months before the site gets enough visibility in the Google search engine. Previous links would have to be recreated. In order to mitigate all potential pitfalls, we take the responsibility to re-craft, re-fashion, and re-design a website service for you.

We distill all the negative parts to redesign and remodel a new website to produce the best results!