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Comprehensive eBusiness Solutions

About FriendsWebPortal

Friends Web Portal is not the newest innovation for nothing! Ever since uprising of the World Wide Web, users have been accessing what might seem as one Web page at a time to multiple ones. Our portal provides platform-agnostic content to all our users with network access, an Internet connection overshadowing any drawbacks or inadequacies with the new technology. Our ground breaking work in proffering web services, designing, development and other core areas of e-commerce provide the traits like: application functionality, usability, stability and performance improvements that have been the core stronghold of Internet computing.

For clientele from various organizations who need more, they not only surface their legacy applications, processes, and data in a Web interface, but they want to be able to do more than one page at a time & our portal is an answer to most queries, henceforth.

Our Mission

At Friends Web Portal, we're a part of a global community of technology makers, thinkers and developers, designers working in conjunction to keep bringing forth the best online services alive and accessible, enabling people worldwide to be aware of the whole system comprising of contributors and creators. Our belief is that through this act of human collaboration across an open platform we are making effectual contribution towards your growth as well as 'our collective future' in the long run.